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Middle-school detectives Howard Wallace and Ivy Mason are itching for a juicy case. But when their friend and cohort Marvin hires them to prove his nephew— über-bully Carl Dean—didn’t pugnap the school mascot, they’re less than thrilled. To succeed, not only must Howard and Ivy play nice with Carl, they’ll have to dodge a scrappy, snoopy reporter and come face-to-face with Howard’s worst enemy, his ex-best friend Miles Fletcher. Can Howard deal with all these complications and still be there for Ivy when her life is turned upside down? Or will he once again find himself a friendless P.I.?

Praise for Shadow of a Pug

"...The missing mascot premise is not a new one but Lyall punches it up with Howard's adolescent noir narration, and the dialogue between Howard and Ivy continues to be delightfully witty and clever. This book digs much further into the emotional turmoil that was only hinted at in the previous plot in both Howard and Ivy's lives, and that focus reveals how truly tight their bond is, making their quippy back and forth all that more appealing in its affection."

—Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books


SHADOW OF A PUG is a 2018 Forest Kid Committee Summer Reading List pick! 

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